‘Meet & Greet’, Key drop-off/pick-up available upon request

In our home – Overnight pet-sitting
Small breeds >12kg are welcome to stay with our family (we have two small friendly dogs). Your pet needs to have attended our DayCare, toilet-trained, non-destructive, and have the ability to be left alone for a few hours at a time.
They also need to be good with children as we have a well behaved young child in our home.

You Are Required To Provide:
Pet bed; food (& treats if required); collar with council registration and I/D tag attached; comfort toy; dog jacket.
Written instructions MUST be provided for your pet’s routine; Vet information and owner’s emergency contact details.
Your dog will enjoy complementary days attending our Small breed Doggy DayCare when combined with pet-sitting.
You and your family will receive daily photo updates, on your pup’s stay at Oodles of Paws

In your home – Overnight pet sitting
1 x visit per day (minimum 1 hour visits) – up to 1 dog & 2 cats
2 x visits per day (minimum 1 hours each) – up to 1 dog & 2 cats
*Charge applies for Additional animals
30 minute walks are included when combined with pet-sitting
On our arrival, we ask that there will be clean water/food bowls and a yard clear of animal waste.
You Are Required To Provide:
Key Drop-off; written instructions for your pet’s routine; food supply (& treats if required); soft lead; collar with council registration and I/D tag attached; and dog waste bags and a safe, clean environment

Doggy Day-care
Do you work long hours? Do you come home to a partially destroyed home? or would you just like your dog to have more fun and enjoy socialising? …. If so, then Oodles Of Paws is just what you and your pet/s need!
At Oodles Of Paws your dog(s) can play, learn, exercise and relax in a safe comfortable and caring environment. They will be given love, affection and personal attention when you can’t be there with other Small size dogs.
During the day your pooch will have the opportunity to learn basic tricks, socialise, and enjoy supervised play with fun, mind-stimulating games and time for resting. This is a great opportunity for them to gain confidence and ‘doggy etiquette’. You will appreciate the knowledge that your dog has been well-cared after an exciting day at Oodles of Paws. You’ll be coming home a tired and happy dog who will enjoy lots of quiet cuddles with you, while looking through some photo updates of your pup’s day.
Pick up & drop off services provided *Locally only*
Our days begin at 7:30am and finish at 2:30pm
We are more than happy to set them up, within in your home/backyard and ensure they are safe until you arrive home.
Days currently available are Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday